5 Computer Water Damage Symptoms to Look For

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Published on: August 1st, 2022

While durability has come a long way for our everyday gadgets, liquid damage remains one of the biggest issues for computers and laptops. Even if you’re careful with your devices, one spill or environmental mishap can cause damage to your computer’s internal components. If you’re not sure what kind of issue you’re dealing with, read on to learn computer water damage symptoms.

Common Signs of Water Damage

Sometimes, liquid damage is obvious. If you notice computer issues after a water spill, you’ll want to go straight to a computer repair shop. However, damage can be a bit more insidious than that. If you live in an area with high humidity, you may be surprised to know that moisture in the air can sometimes impact components within your laptop. Of course, human error can also be to blame. If you share a computer with a friend or family member or have a child who may have accidentally spilled something on your device, you’ll want to check in with them.

When wet components are exposed to moisture, they can short circuit. This rush of electricity can cause issues for everything from your motherboard, connectors, hard drives, and more. If you suspect a spill is to blame for your problems, you’ll want to turn your computer off immediately to try to prevent permanent damage. The following are common signs that liquid damage is to blame.

Your Keyboard or Trackpad Stops Working

If spilled water ends up inside your keyboard, you may find that some or all of your keys become unresponsive. Similarly, water droplets can make their way into the edges of your trackpad, creating some erratic behavior.

There’s Discoloration or Corrosionclose up of water damaged computer components

Another telltale sign of moisture issues is discoloration outside or inside your computer. Complete a visual inspection to check for corrosion around connectors and your motherboard. Any white or green residue is typically a good indicator that you’ve had liquid inside your computer.

You’re Experiencing Screen Issues

Depending on where the liquid has ended up inside your laptop, you may experience various screen issues. Pixel discoloration or a display that won’t turn on can both indicate that you’ll need to seek out water damage repair.

Your Water Detection Sticker is Activated

Many computers, including Apple MacBook Pros, use a water indicator to determine whether or not the device has come in contact with water. You can look up your computer model to see where and how to check yours. Of course, an activated sensor will likely void your warranty with the computer manufacturer.

Your Computer Got Wet, Now What?

If it seems like water damage is the cause of your computer troubles, keep your computer shut down until you can bring it in for a repair. The sooner that you have your laptop looked at, the better your chances of a full recovery. Your local technology superheroes are here to help! Contact a Computer Troubleshooters location near you for expert help with diagnosis and repair.

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